• 28th September 2020

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Top 5 Android Games

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Everyone has become obsessed with Android phones since. One reason for this is the Android phone game too. Nowadays Smart phones equipped with better technology providing new energy to mobile gaming. Android phones nowadays have quite one game, which has attracted children also as elders. If you’re also keen on games and wish to play games, here i’m talking about 5 such games which are hottest . So let’s know ..

Candy Crush will be available in almost all smartphones. These are very popular games. Arbo people have downloaded this game thus far in Google Play. The most downloaded Candy Crush application in 2013 can be downloaded to smartphones with Android 2.2 and above operating system. In this game, the candy has to match. It has about 400 labels. Its latest version is Candy Crush Saga, which is also very much liked by the users, it has been given a 4.4 out of 5 star rating in the Google Play Store.

Bid War Android smartphone is a famous game. Bid War means battle for bidding, something similar in this game. The game is auctioned and the player tries to get the biggest deal by making the highest bid. Doing this round the world gives you good points within the game. This is a good game for those interested in bidding. You can download it from Google Play Store.

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It is a popular gaming app. temple run is of the best game.The game has been downloaded over 500 million times on the play store so far.
The specialty of this game is that the player can be run for a very long time (unlimited time) and as time progresses, your points will also increase faster with which you can unlock other features like new-player. This game can be played on Android, ios as well as Windows Phone.

Brawl Star is a mobile game that has more than 50M downloads on the Google Play Store. Brawl Star is a Fast-Paced Arena Brawler (fast bowler arena bowler) that is different from other games on the Play Store. It has different game-modes, so whenever you log-in to this game, you always get to play something new. All game modes are fun in their own unique way.

This is a web shooting game during which 5 to six other players play with you. There are different modes during which you’ll play with the team and also alone. In this, you get 5 different maps, during which you’ll play as per your choice. There is a round of 6 to 7 minutes and every one the players attempt to kill one another and within the end the one that has killed the foremost players wins. In this, you can change many guns during the game and can also use the bomb.


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